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  • Less than 8% of people who suffer cardiac arrest outside of the hospital survive.*
  • Effective bystander CPR, provided immediately, can double or triple a victim's changes of survival.*
  • About 75% to 80% of all sudden cardiac arrests happen at home, so performing CPR can mean the difference between life and death of a loved one.*

An AED, or Automated External Defibrillator, is a critical device responsible for providing a shock to a victim’s heart after a fatal abnormal heart rhythm, or sudden cardiac arrest, strikes the victim unconscious. After sudden collapse, immediate CPR should be initiated until an AED can be applied. The recognized optimal standard of collapse to first shock from an AED is less than 4 minutes.


The American Heart Association’s has designed their Heartsaver courses, Heartsaver AED, Heartsaver First Aid and Heartsaver First Aid with CPR and AED for members of the community. They are designed for those who may be called upon to provide care or assistance to victims of sudden cardiac arrest, but do not work in the occupational field of healthcare. In these courses, the participants will learn how to recognize life-threatening emergencies, access the 911 system, and provide critical, life-saving interventions to a victim in need prior to the arrival of an ambulance. The Heartsaver AED and Heartsaver First Aid with CPR and AED courses satisfy regulatory requirements for any person who needs AED training.


Common participants of this course include babysitters, lifeguards, health and fitness staff, teachers & school administrators, or employees designated as first responders who need credentialed training for job or regulatory requirements. If you are taking a course as required for your job, please check with your employer as some workplaces require a specific course from the American Heart Association. This course is NOT a healthcare provider certification course.

Please view more descriptions on for these courses by clicking the links to the left, or below:

Heartsaver AED
Heartsaver First Aid
Heartsaver First Aid with CPR and AED

Additionally, the Training Center is proud to be able to offer the CPR Anytime kits for purchase. These kits listed below, are self-directed learning kits where you can learn CPR at home! For more information about CPR Anytime, please click the links below.

The Training Center also offers group courses specifically for your organization. For more information regarding group courses, please contact the Training Center at 202.741.2958.

*Statistics provided from the American Heart Association

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CPR Anytime for Family and Friends

CPR Anytime for Family and Friends
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Infant CPR Anytime for Family and Friends

CPR Anytime for Family and Friends