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An AED, or Automated External Defibrillator, is a critical device responsible for providing a shock to a victim’s heart after a fatal abnormal heart rhythm, or sudden cardiac arrest, strikes the victim unconscious. After sudden collapse, immediate CPR should be initiated until an AED can be applied. The recognized optimal standard of collapse to first shock from an AED is less than 4 minutes.

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Price: $200.00
AED Medical Direction Services

Proper Medical Direction is an important component of any AED Program. Medical Direction involves a licensed physician who works with the Lifesavers Program staff to ensure that the AED program is compliant with pertinent regulations, utilizing ...
Price: $46.00
Fast Response Kit

The Fast Response Kit is an accessory which clips onto the AED case and contains materials useful during and after resuscitation of a victim.
Price: $174.07
HeartStart OnSite Battery

The Philips HeartStart OnSite AED battery is a disposable, lithium manganese dioxide, long-life battery that will typically last for four years with the defibrillator in standby mode.
Price: $108.00
Infant/Child Electrodes

These Philips HeartStart OnSite AED Defibrillator Pads can be used on childrenunder 8 years of age or weighing less than 55 pounds.
Price: $253.00
Philips HeartStart AED Wall Cabinet with Alarm

This cabinet is specifically designed to hold a Philips HeartStart AED. There is extra storage for accessories.
Price: $1,455.00
Philips HeartStart OnSite AED with Carrying Case

The Philips OnSite is an excellent device that has proven reliable and effective during sudden cardiac arrest. It provides clear verbal prompts to guide the rescuer in its use and also includes CPR coaching.
Price: $69.01
Spare/Replacement Adult Electrodes

These multi-function HeartStart OnSite AED Defibrillator Pads can be used on adults 8 years and older, or weighing above 55 pounds.