AED Medical Direction Services


Price: $200.00
Course Seats Remaining: unlimited

Proper Medical Direction is an important component of any AED Program. Medical Direction involves a licensed physician who works with the Lifesavers Program staff to ensure that the AED program is compliant with pertinent regulations, utilizing up-to-date protocols, and that the program is properly designed. AED Program Medical Direction includes:

  • Physician prescription for AED purchase/placement (FDA requirement for most AEDs)
  • Written AED response protocol for each program
  • Guidance regarding and assistance in meeting regulatory requirements
  • Guidance in the selection and deployment of AED(s)
  • Assessment of the level and extent of training needed
  • Comprehensive quality assurance/improvement after each and every AED usage
    • Data review of the ECG data recovered from the AED
    • Review of the rescuer’s report to review care delivered
    • Summary report including recommendations/ways to improve

AED Medical Direction / Program Management

An AED program requires proper maintenance and management. The GW Lifesavers Program can assist in ensuring that the program is properly maintained so that the AEDs are available and ready in the event of an emergency. Our program management services include:

  • Web-based software for managing the entire program, providing:
    • A database of all AEDs by make, model, serial number, and specific location of deployment
    • List of ancillary supplies with each AED
    • Tracking of expiration dates for all components
    • A database of trained personnel, the level of training, and expiration of training
    • A mechanism to track regular inspections of AEDs
    • E-mail reminders to check AEDs, replace expiring components, and refresh training
    • An electronic library of important documents, including protocols
    • Varying levels of access, allowing administrative control
  • Unlimited access to GW Lifesavers Program staff for advice and answers regarding the AED program
    • Ability to video conference clients to provide consultation
  • Free 30-40 minute AED Orientation with each new device purchase
  • Technical assistance in establishing and maintaining information using the web-based software

AED Medical Direction / Program Management Pricing

Price: $200/AED/year

We hope to have an opportunity to work with you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.